Thursday, August 9, 2012


Well we got here at like 7am this morning finally!....hmmmm it is VERY different. Almost everyone on the plane was hispanic so I knew right there that nothing was going to be the same. We took a bus to the CCM where
I am writing you now. Everyone is really nice and ONLY, and yes I mean exclusively, speaks Spanish. Even the white missionaries have tags that say "I don't speak Spanish" and as I write this I am typing on a spanish
keyboard. So sorry for the spelling/grammer errors! Breakfast was interesting too...ha ha.. uhm it consisted of fried bananas, papayas...basically the only thing I recognized on my plate was eggs with tomatoes and
bread....I didn't love it but thats alright because its all new right? It is very hard spanish-wise.. I am already struggling and its day one! My room window looks right out to the Guatemala temple as well as the street where police come speeding by almost every 5 minutes, and by police i mean hispanic men in the back of a truck with
shotguns....awhh good times in central A! This morning I went to brush my teeth and used the sink water...the sister next to me says "uhm sister your not going to want to use that water to brush your teeth- that's why we have these huge Jugs on the counter"....she told me to put sanitizer on my toothbrush and told me to try not to get water in my mouth in the shower. I just rinsed my toothbrush off with the supposedly okay water and hoped I wasn't infested with parasites on day one. Haha. My companion is Sis Bowers from Orem I think. She is going to be the RN in El Salvador San Salvador. Anyway I gotta peace cause they are telling us to get off- anyway.....It was good to talk to everyone yesterday! I love you all!