Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What is going on fam?--
So it has been almost one week here, whoa that is crazy! I wont lie.. this week was loonnggg.....and HOT!! Man it is soooo hot here; I blaze up on the daily. But it's all good cause hopefully I am sweating off all the pupusas that I eat on the daily. They are just as good as everyone says...every night I ask my comp if we can go and get more. ha ha well I will give you a little bit of the low down from this week. I got here on tues and we met the pres and his wife and their 3 kids that live with them in the mission home. That night we ate at their was way nice. Hermana Cordon said its the nicest place in the Santa Ana area. Anyway the next day we met our comps and were off. My comps name is Hermana Romero..she is the bomb. Besides the large language barrier its been a-okay...ha ha but seriously she speaks basically no English so our common friend is the dictionary. I am with her until Dec 5. My area is called Chalchuapa...I think is is one of the nicer areas here in Santa Ana. but I don't know because its my first seems like it though. So our apartment is small but it's just us so we don't need much room. The first day my comp said "la ducha no funciona"...yep our shower doesnt work, so its showering with a bucket in the pila. The pila is a little concrete area usually at the back of house where you wash dishes and such....ha ha i just laughed...its actually kinda nice because we don't have hot water so the cold kinda wakes you up in the morning. I need to learn how to be quicker though...showering with a bucket takes forever...seriously try it you will see what I mean. We also went grocery shopping the first day for a few things...I had no idea what to get (because everything is different here) so my comp helped... I got dry milk...yep thought that only existed in mom's 72 hour kit....apples and cookies. good thing we are going again today because i have been living off of tortillas from the neighbors for a couple days now. When I got home from my first day all my food was covered in ants (I think our apt is built on an ant farm) and I thought to myself...well, jokes on them because I'm going to eat it with or without them! ha ha we bought some Raid though and that has helped a ton. Man I'm trying to think.. everything is so different here it is hard to pick out what to write about because i have such limited time!! But we basically walk everywhere except when we go to zone mtgs...the busses are nuts! They are packed and you just squeeze in where ever you can and hope you dont fall out the's awesome ha ha all the people are nice though and always try to offer you their seat. I get yucky kisses blown to me on the daily and they say stuff like "hey bebe i will cya you later"...its kinda funny but kinda not. I can see now why missionaries may want to dye their hair. I am not going to but i stick out soo bad! There are no white people here besides the missionaries! and I am the only one in my area though so that's a good time. They have these HUGE grasshopper things in my area that freak me out! I hate them! This guy in our ward that speaks a little english said to me as i was hiding behind my comp when I saw one on the street...."welcome to the jungle"...ha I laughed but secretly I have nightmares about them. I will try and attach a pic of one I took that was dead. The church here is different too...when we first went there I was shocked because it is so beautiful but filthy. No one takes care of it and that kinda bugged me so hopefully we can do something to help that. Also sacrament meeting yesterday was a little different.. there were kids running everywhere playing on the piano during the sacrament songs..(well all the songs)...oh and in relief society this lady just started feeding her child in the middle of everything...haha i was like WHAT is this!! but i guess thats pretty normal here.....we had a zone activity on Saturday called the festival of mice..or was El Salvadors independece day on the 15th- anyway it started raining really hard and then...lightning hit the chapel dead was one of the loudest things i have ever heard! It was awesome....i was thinking "Satan your gunna have to try harder than that if you want to stop people from coming to this activity because it was mainly to find investagsators because everything was free". Anyway I will write more next week I hope all is well. Love you all so much!! Keep on keeping on. Cristo will help you with everything....I can testify to that...even though i still can't communicate in Spanish and I have days where tears start rolling down my face because i am frustrated and tired and hungry and hot and sad, I know I have a friend that knows exactly how I feel...and that helps me press on! Lean on Cristo for everything! Love you! Here are some pics! I have tons more but i will attach more next week! xoxo Hna Ahrendsen!


Well I made it here and I'm writing you from the mission home right now! How cool is that? We are only allowed to write three lines so this will be kinda short. Anyway, I made it here safe and it is HOT! The mission president and his wife are really nice and the mission home is way nice. It took us longer than usual to get here because there was a massive bus wreck right in front of us...kinda crazy! anyway I better peace but I will write more on Pday! Love you all! xoxo Hermana Ahrendsen


Family and friends!! I love you!  I love reading all your emails...I spend my 22 minutes of internet time each week mostly reading....I love hearing about everything. I am SO sorry, I wish I could respond better to everything but they are a lil craze here and give you the boot super quick but its all good, keep writing me!! I look forward to it every week! Well Its been another week and on Tuesday I am officially leaving for El Salvador.....its so crazy that I have already been here for 6 weeks! I have loved my time here, it will be
sad to leave for sure. Yesterday we got a little class about what to say when you get to El Salvador and they ask you why you don't have a Visa...ha ha it was pretty funny. So nope we are still waiting for those but going anyways! We are actually taking a bus so I wont be able to call :( but that's okay because you know what?? Christmas is right around the corner! I am glad to hear everyone is still doing well! Well my companion is Hermana Allison Bowers. We went out tracting again on was an awesome experience. We talked with lots of people and met our goals we made too which was awesome! If the Lord
wants it done it will get done...i really saw that as I was surprised a couple times when people could understand me about things I was saying. Well the chronic stomach problems live on here...ha ha you
know how they say sometimes the Latino culture doesnt even realize they are having stomach issues because its a daily occurance. I think we now all understand...its a little weird but you get use to it quick! Man I cant believe how many experinces I have had already and its only been 2 months I am so excited to be able to continue the Lord's work in the mission field (I was starting to feel like the CCM was my mission ha ha) People are waiting and need to hear the word and I can't wait to help in the process of bringing them to the fold! Every time I think about it, I think about how incredibly blessed I am to be doing this work...its the best in the world! Thanks again for all the support and love! Xoxo Hna Ahrendsen


Hey there! Whats going on? Sounds like everything is doing well in Idaho...the family reunion sounds fun and the BBQ beef sounds soooo good...I will admit, the food has really been an adjustment for me..I
didn't think it would be but it for sure is..i am always trying something new. We are going on a tour of Guatemala this tuesday and going to the street market which I am excited for. We are all SO excited to get out. The CCM here is triple-gated with 24 hour guards on watch armed with guns...and when we walk to the temple or out to the street they have guards set up all along out path with guns and walkie-talkies.... somewhat resembles jail?? maybe...haha just kidding its all good...They are good to us here. Speaking of
the temple- we went again on thurs and went to the distribution center after and seriously everything is so cheap i couldn't believe it. They have quetzeals here and its about 8 quets to a dollar...and the garments at the distribution center were about 4 quets....50 cents that not crazy? we all wanna stock up before we leave. They have the testaments and legacy DVDs for a dollar- its crazy. This next time we go to the temple they informed us it will be all in Spanish...yes everything!...I'm a little nervous but it will be cool for sure. I have 3 more weeks! Isn't that nuts!? We went out tracting on Tuesday and were paired with a
Latina was awesome. I said "we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we want to share a message with you".. and then my companion took over and I basically didn't understand anything from
there.....ha ha, but my companion was super nice and so cute. We handed out pamphlets and got lots of people's contact info for the missionaries to meet with them..and then on the bus ride home I sat by a man and talked to him and gave him my Book of Mormon they gave us to hand out. Actually my Latina roomie in front of me spoke mostly ha ha, but i started the convo and wrote my name in the book and gave it to him so
that counts right? Anyway it was awesome to interact with the people- they are so nice and willing to listen to you. So this last sunday..i spoke in church. They give you the topic before hand and then at the
pulpit they announce who will speak...I was dying when they said "hna anderson".. I turned to my roommate and then looked back at president from the stand and he just smiled. I'm sure my spanish was horrible but its all a learning experience and i had this sense of..' did it...loving feeling from my heavenly father when I sat down' it really was a cool experience. Really this whole experience thus far has been so humbling. I am learning what it means to rely soly on the Lord because without him you really cant do this work. Also I have really gained a testimony of how incredibly important the book of mormon is SOOO important that you read every day. Never never let a day go by that you don't read...that is how true conversion happens, and hey the stories in it are amazing once you get into it. Really though, you learn so much. Love you all sooooo much!! Sending my love from C.A.!
Hna Ahrendsen

PS Be jealous of the weather; it is perfect everyday...rains, and then sunny with a tiny draft...Beautiful! A nice change from idaho ;) just sayin.....


Fam...wassup! Well it sounds like everyone is doing well..This week we got to go to the was
pretty small but very beautiful. There were also TONS of people there...2 busses full of people from Honduras came to go the temple. It was a 16 hour bus ride! How crazy is that? Anyway the MTC here is
connected to a building that is housing for people when they come to go to the temple so they were all around the MTC and at the temple. Anyway our session got delayed 45 minutes so we had to wait outside the temple and attempted to talk to a bunch of them. My companion is really good at understanding and responding and its pretty cool/sometimes discouraging because i cant say much but its a process
always....the people were SO nice! And after a while they started saying "photo!!" "photo!!" so we took lots of pictures with them....a lot of the time they just stared at me and my comp (my teacher said it was because we have blonde hair blue eyes and white skin) I wished i would have had my camera but the MTC took out camera passport iPod...basically anything valuable the first day and we only get it back the second to
last day we are here...kinda lame. Anyway i have another medical training today.....I think we Skype with the other nurses who know i will let you know about that though. I better get going though...thanks again for the emails and thanks mom for sending my package! I love you all so much!! have a great week! xoxo Hermana Ahrendsen

Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello Everyone! 
Well I hope you got my last email but I didnt hear from anyone....but I'm here and things are going. We have a mix of Latinos and north americans. I try to talk to the Latinos but mostly I just don't know what they are saying and just smile and nod ha ha. The food here is very different. For some reason I just thought it would be kind of the same but it is most definitely not. We had chips and salsa yesterday for breakfast...and a couple days ago we had a seminar about the rules in the MTC and one of them was to eat EVERYTHING they give you so I have been trying but it is way hard...i.e. last night they gave us this massive piece of fish...and so I was like 'you know I will try it' so I took one bite and thought it would probably be more offensive to throw it up than to throw it away...but I at least tried! It really has taken some getting used to. They have huge freezers full of ice cream too which are SO good/will be the death of me. If I could only eat that I would be happy....ha. So the gym is a dot big....they have a few machines but so many people have gym at the same time that we usually end up watching the Latinos play soccer. Hmm what else....oh yes they have snack time every night like one hour after dinner where you tell them a new word you learned and get a of my favorites. The temple is very beautiful. We went there yesterday as a class which was awesome to get out because we haven't been outside these gates since we got here....anyway we had to go and find a member at the temple and share a message with them. That was a little scary but they were very willing to stop and way would that have been the case anywhere in the US just saying. So mom about my glasses....I don't know what to do. It seems super sketchy to send them here, but I don't know what else to do! A girl got a package yesterday from her family with treats in it and it was opened with a bite taken out of a Rice Krispy treat they sent her.....anyway let me know what you think. I am trying to just write everything out in this short time and its not organized at all, so sorry. So we have Latino teachers that speak a tiny english but hardly anything. We have this one teacher that tries so hard to speak english and I cant help but laugh every time.. and then I think 'what does he do when I try and speak spanish, he is probably dying!' It helps being around spanish all the time, unlike the Provo MTC, but I still have to try really hard and listen to pick out words to understand and usually I have to tell them to repeat it a few times too ha ha. Well we had a cool experience yesterday where we took turns teaching the missionaries in our room how to pray and the teacher played Paul Cardell's piano song 'Baptism' (which was amazing because I have not listened to music since I left), and even though we knew they weren't real investagators, I could feel the spirit really strong testifying to me again that the things we were teaching were true and the things they said during their prayer were true as well. My companion is really good and patient with me because she can speak fairly well and understand me, but she is good about teaching me and answering my questions. Tomorrow is Sunday and they told us that they will randomly call on two missionaries to speak 5 minutes before sacrament
starts...and then in district meeting they will call a companionship up to teach a topic for 20 minutes....I am so nervous about that....scares me for guaranteed I will get called on because they said the new ones always do! Well I better wrap this up. Love you all! Xoxo- Hermana Ahrendsen