Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Fam...wassup! Well it sounds like everyone is doing well..This week we got to go to the was
pretty small but very beautiful. There were also TONS of people there...2 busses full of people from Honduras came to go the temple. It was a 16 hour bus ride! How crazy is that? Anyway the MTC here is
connected to a building that is housing for people when they come to go to the temple so they were all around the MTC and at the temple. Anyway our session got delayed 45 minutes so we had to wait outside the temple and attempted to talk to a bunch of them. My companion is really good at understanding and responding and its pretty cool/sometimes discouraging because i cant say much but its a process
always....the people were SO nice! And after a while they started saying "photo!!" "photo!!" so we took lots of pictures with them....a lot of the time they just stared at me and my comp (my teacher said it was because we have blonde hair blue eyes and white skin) I wished i would have had my camera but the MTC took out camera passport iPod...basically anything valuable the first day and we only get it back the second to
last day we are here...kinda lame. Anyway i have another medical training today.....I think we Skype with the other nurses who know i will let you know about that though. I better get going though...thanks again for the emails and thanks mom for sending my package! I love you all so much!! have a great week! xoxo Hermana Ahrendsen

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