Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What is going on fam?--
So it has been almost one week here, whoa that is crazy! I wont lie.. this week was loonnggg.....and HOT!! Man it is soooo hot here; I blaze up on the daily. But it's all good cause hopefully I am sweating off all the pupusas that I eat on the daily. They are just as good as everyone says...every night I ask my comp if we can go and get more. ha ha well I will give you a little bit of the low down from this week. I got here on tues and we met the pres and his wife and their 3 kids that live with them in the mission home. That night we ate at their was way nice. Hermana Cordon said its the nicest place in the Santa Ana area. Anyway the next day we met our comps and were off. My comps name is Hermana Romero..she is the bomb. Besides the large language barrier its been a-okay...ha ha but seriously she speaks basically no English so our common friend is the dictionary. I am with her until Dec 5. My area is called Chalchuapa...I think is is one of the nicer areas here in Santa Ana. but I don't know because its my first seems like it though. So our apartment is small but it's just us so we don't need much room. The first day my comp said "la ducha no funciona"...yep our shower doesnt work, so its showering with a bucket in the pila. The pila is a little concrete area usually at the back of house where you wash dishes and such....ha ha i just laughed...its actually kinda nice because we don't have hot water so the cold kinda wakes you up in the morning. I need to learn how to be quicker though...showering with a bucket takes forever...seriously try it you will see what I mean. We also went grocery shopping the first day for a few things...I had no idea what to get (because everything is different here) so my comp helped... I got dry milk...yep thought that only existed in mom's 72 hour kit....apples and cookies. good thing we are going again today because i have been living off of tortillas from the neighbors for a couple days now. When I got home from my first day all my food was covered in ants (I think our apt is built on an ant farm) and I thought to myself...well, jokes on them because I'm going to eat it with or without them! ha ha we bought some Raid though and that has helped a ton. Man I'm trying to think.. everything is so different here it is hard to pick out what to write about because i have such limited time!! But we basically walk everywhere except when we go to zone mtgs...the busses are nuts! They are packed and you just squeeze in where ever you can and hope you dont fall out the's awesome ha ha all the people are nice though and always try to offer you their seat. I get yucky kisses blown to me on the daily and they say stuff like "hey bebe i will cya you later"...its kinda funny but kinda not. I can see now why missionaries may want to dye their hair. I am not going to but i stick out soo bad! There are no white people here besides the missionaries! and I am the only one in my area though so that's a good time. They have these HUGE grasshopper things in my area that freak me out! I hate them! This guy in our ward that speaks a little english said to me as i was hiding behind my comp when I saw one on the street...."welcome to the jungle"...ha I laughed but secretly I have nightmares about them. I will try and attach a pic of one I took that was dead. The church here is different too...when we first went there I was shocked because it is so beautiful but filthy. No one takes care of it and that kinda bugged me so hopefully we can do something to help that. Also sacrament meeting yesterday was a little different.. there were kids running everywhere playing on the piano during the sacrament songs..(well all the songs)...oh and in relief society this lady just started feeding her child in the middle of everything...haha i was like WHAT is this!! but i guess thats pretty normal here.....we had a zone activity on Saturday called the festival of mice..or was El Salvadors independece day on the 15th- anyway it started raining really hard and then...lightning hit the chapel dead was one of the loudest things i have ever heard! It was awesome....i was thinking "Satan your gunna have to try harder than that if you want to stop people from coming to this activity because it was mainly to find investagsators because everything was free". Anyway I will write more next week I hope all is well. Love you all so much!! Keep on keeping on. Cristo will help you with everything....I can testify to that...even though i still can't communicate in Spanish and I have days where tears start rolling down my face because i am frustrated and tired and hungry and hot and sad, I know I have a friend that knows exactly how I feel...and that helps me press on! Lean on Cristo for everything! Love you! Here are some pics! I have tons more but i will attach more next week! xoxo Hna Ahrendsen!

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