Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Family and friends!! I love you!  I love reading all your emails...I spend my 22 minutes of internet time each week mostly reading....I love hearing about everything. I am SO sorry, I wish I could respond better to everything but they are a lil craze here and give you the boot super quick but its all good, keep writing me!! I look forward to it every week! Well Its been another week and on Tuesday I am officially leaving for El Salvador.....its so crazy that I have already been here for 6 weeks! I have loved my time here, it will be
sad to leave for sure. Yesterday we got a little class about what to say when you get to El Salvador and they ask you why you don't have a Visa...ha ha it was pretty funny. So nope we are still waiting for those but going anyways! We are actually taking a bus so I wont be able to call :( but that's okay because you know what?? Christmas is right around the corner! I am glad to hear everyone is still doing well! Well my companion is Hermana Allison Bowers. We went out tracting again on was an awesome experience. We talked with lots of people and met our goals we made too which was awesome! If the Lord
wants it done it will get done...i really saw that as I was surprised a couple times when people could understand me about things I was saying. Well the chronic stomach problems live on here...ha ha you
know how they say sometimes the Latino culture doesnt even realize they are having stomach issues because its a daily occurance. I think we now all understand...its a little weird but you get use to it quick! Man I cant believe how many experinces I have had already and its only been 2 months I am so excited to be able to continue the Lord's work in the mission field (I was starting to feel like the CCM was my mission ha ha) People are waiting and need to hear the word and I can't wait to help in the process of bringing them to the fold! Every time I think about it, I think about how incredibly blessed I am to be doing this work...its the best in the world! Thanks again for all the support and love! Xoxo Hna Ahrendsen

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