Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hey there! Whats going on? Sounds like everything is doing well in Idaho...the family reunion sounds fun and the BBQ beef sounds soooo good...I will admit, the food has really been an adjustment for me..I
didn't think it would be but it for sure is..i am always trying something new. We are going on a tour of Guatemala this tuesday and going to the street market which I am excited for. We are all SO excited to get out. The CCM here is triple-gated with 24 hour guards on watch armed with guns...and when we walk to the temple or out to the street they have guards set up all along out path with guns and walkie-talkies.... somewhat resembles jail?? maybe...haha just kidding its all good...They are good to us here. Speaking of
the temple- we went again on thurs and went to the distribution center after and seriously everything is so cheap i couldn't believe it. They have quetzeals here and its about 8 quets to a dollar...and the garments at the distribution center were about 4 quets....50 cents that not crazy? we all wanna stock up before we leave. They have the testaments and legacy DVDs for a dollar- its crazy. This next time we go to the temple they informed us it will be all in Spanish...yes everything!...I'm a little nervous but it will be cool for sure. I have 3 more weeks! Isn't that nuts!? We went out tracting on Tuesday and were paired with a
Latina was awesome. I said "we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we want to share a message with you".. and then my companion took over and I basically didn't understand anything from
there.....ha ha, but my companion was super nice and so cute. We handed out pamphlets and got lots of people's contact info for the missionaries to meet with them..and then on the bus ride home I sat by a man and talked to him and gave him my Book of Mormon they gave us to hand out. Actually my Latina roomie in front of me spoke mostly ha ha, but i started the convo and wrote my name in the book and gave it to him so
that counts right? Anyway it was awesome to interact with the people- they are so nice and willing to listen to you. So this last sunday..i spoke in church. They give you the topic before hand and then at the
pulpit they announce who will speak...I was dying when they said "hna anderson".. I turned to my roommate and then looked back at president from the stand and he just smiled. I'm sure my spanish was horrible but its all a learning experience and i had this sense of..' did it...loving feeling from my heavenly father when I sat down' it really was a cool experience. Really this whole experience thus far has been so humbling. I am learning what it means to rely soly on the Lord because without him you really cant do this work. Also I have really gained a testimony of how incredibly important the book of mormon is SOOO important that you read every day. Never never let a day go by that you don't read...that is how true conversion happens, and hey the stories in it are amazing once you get into it. Really though, you learn so much. Love you all sooooo much!! Sending my love from C.A.!
Hna Ahrendsen

PS Be jealous of the weather; it is perfect everyday...rains, and then sunny with a tiny draft...Beautiful! A nice change from idaho ;) just sayin.....

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