Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey fam! 

Always thanks so much for thinking of me and writing me! You guys are all the best! Everything sounds so fun and exciting. Sometimes I forget that there is life outside of this country and then P-day rolls around and I remember that there really is! ha ha, So the new furniture sounds awesome! and all the halloween know that is my fav holiday (secretly I hope you sent a candy corn or two) ha I don't know if they celebrate that here because they have like the day of the dead holiday on the 1st of Nov I think...but we will see.

So Mom yes we have two baptisms on my birthday...pretty awesome huh? We had two on Saturday too which was very special because we weren't sure if the man was going to be able to be baptized because he has been in the hospital for a week and is just very sick but the Lord really blessed us. Victor Sanchez and his wife Maria were baptised on Saturday. His wife told us while he was in the hospital he San Salvador he kept telling the doctor..."I need to leave doctor...I have to get baptised" we are really happy they were healthy enough to be baptised. Then on the 28 we have Lionel and Lucina Siefontes getting baptised. They are awesome...two sundays ago we came to visit them and Lionel had a hymn book that he had taken home with him from Sacrament meeting and was searching in the back of it to find a definition to a word he didn't understand in church. ha ha we showed him the scripture guide in the scriptures are a better resource. We also this week tracted into a man named James from California. He called out to us when we were walking and said "hey what religion are you guys?" He speaks a little spanish but mostly I mostly talk...but our first lesson he told us he needs help because he has lots of problems and he had been praying to God to help him find direction in his life. He said he wants to find the right way and thinks maybe thats why he felt like he needed to call out to us. Its really a cool story...I will keep you updated on our lessons with him. Then we have a sweet man names Jorge Tucio. I think I talked a little about him in my last email but awe man...I wish you all could meet would love him! Always looking for ways to serve and help and he is soo nice to everyone. These are just a few...its good because people are very religious here so are willing to listen and meet with us most of the time. 

So you asked a little more about what its like here...a lot of people have stores out of their food or little convenience stores. The busses are....crazy! ha Literally every time I get on I feel like I break the law of chastity...ha one time the bus was so packed I was stuffed at the front and the driver could barely shift the bus in gear because i was right up against it...dangerous much?? nahh....ha our apartment has all sorts of creatures..and this week we found a scorpion by our beds...gross! It was pretty big and my only issue was..well where's the rest of the family.. in my bed or shoes? yikes! 

We also went to the temple in San Salvador on Tueday...SO beautiful! And Dad get this...remember that CTR ring you got from the lost and found sale at byui that I wear everyday...the flower on it is El salvadors national flower and that is the flower that is designed into everything at the temple!..its like the temples theme I guess its so beautiful. Look at the OCT Liahona the first pic on the inside cover is a huge picture you see when you first walk into the temple. I love it and loved the temple!

Well Always remember to pray and got to church and read your scripts! This church is true! I love you all so much thanks for all your amazing support! 

Love, Hermana Ahrendsen

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