Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hey fam!

Well yes Kaylee and JC our mission is getting split! In July we are losing Belize and a part of mission to another mission. Starting in July we will only be El Salvador Santa Ana Mission...TONS of changes but we are excited. The president said he will be sending some missionaries to the other mission but we don't know who yet. I don't think I will be moving because the other nurse leaves in July so I will be the only one. But we will see. Very exciting that there are so many youth answering the call to serve!! Love it!

We are preparing to recieve 20 new missionaries this change! And every change me and the other nurse, Hermana Bryce, have to give them a nurse orientation thing with each one takes some time...and then after we do a slide show orientation with them too. So that will be Monday and then changes are Wednesday. Word on the street is that I am going to be switched to be companions with the nurse so it is easier to work. We have had a few missionaries in the hospital and going back and forth to San Salvador and we always have to find arrangements for our companions so it might be easier this way... but who knows I guess we will see what will happen.

So we contacted a man last week named Nito....hes like 6 something, black, and a profesh soccer player...his kids are sooo cute! Hes rock solid and came to church with us last week...its funny though that all of sudden the entire ward is like hey I will go with you to that appiontment...and the bishop for the first time that I have been here in 3 months said...invite him for family home evening this Monday! We were like...ha ha what??? We are also teaching a man named William...he is super interested and wants to got to the temple! We gave him a pamphlet of San Salvador and he loved it! IN the closing prayer hes like "please bless me to be baptised and to some day be able to enter the temple in San Salvador"......he is an awesome guy. We are also working with a less active family and they have a daughter that is so gaurded off all the time and we just couldn't seem to crack her until....two days ago we had a lesson with them and showed them how the book of mormon can answers questions of your soul....and we went through a bunch of questions like Does god exist? and how can my family be happier? and asked if she had any of these questions and almost everyone her family was like nehh...she said well yeah I have had that question...we were like yes! We have somewhere to start the book of mornon is awesome!! It really can answer so many questions! Hopefully everyone is reading daily :)

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support! 

Keep on keepin on!


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