Friday, March 8, 2013


So to start...sorry about last week!...on Thursday night they called me and said "hey you have a sick missionary in the hospital...we are coming to get you at 8 tomorrow morning because we are taking him to San Salvador (about an hour away)". So all day we were in San Salvador doing tests...visiting doctors and picking up when things like that happen we don't get P-day...:( but its all good because here I am chatting with you all again!
This last week I got a new companion..Hermana Guzman. She is from Mexico. She was serving in an area in Belize and the president switched her back to El Salvador and with me because she fell on her bike in Belize and took a pretty bad fall. She was all bruised up...her face was all swollen and she had stiches in her lip. I'm pretty sure they put her with me to take care of her. I took out her stiches in the house a couple days after she for to the area and she is doing a lot better and healing just great! :) 
So I got to see my old companion Hna Romero this week and she told me that the family we baptised, the husband...Lionel Siefontes is the ward secretary and my other convert Jorge Turcious is ward mission leader....I was so excited!!! How awesome is that?? Also this last week we had a family come with us to church!! My other companion and I had been working with this family for 6 weeks and they always said they were going to come to church but never did but last week they came for the first time! They had three cute little kids and really could not believe it when they walked in the door. I had been praying all morning that they would come and then right before the sacrament was passed my comp said "ya estan"...and I looked up and my heart started beating and really it was a tender mercy!..we will see though...keep praying for us here in El Trebol and pray for us to find people that we can teach that really want to live this gospel!
Love you all so much, thanks for everything!
Hna Lyndee Ahrendsen

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