Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi fam!

I love getting all your emails and hearing how everything is going! So you didn't like the platanos?? (fried bananas)..They have those ALL the time here...for sure an acquired taste. So Dad asked what a typical day is like here....and yes dad your right, every day is different but I will explain kinda what goes on. So right now I am training with my comp until Dec 5th and after that I will start training to be the mission nurse with Hna Bryce. I did do one ingrown toenail removal but that has been it so far....anyway My comp and I usually wake up to roosters (everyone here has roosters and chickens...they are all over in the streets) or we wake up to someone honking this horn on their bikes selling pan francise..(bread) so many people here sell bread out of these baskets on their bikes that they ride around all day..its crazy. We study in the morning and then visit during the day until about 9. We work hard but its good. 

So we have quite a few investgators that we visit. We have this man names Jorge Tucio that is so sweet. He is always asking us what he can do for us. We are like, no what can we do for you! The first night we visited with him I was a little sick and it was raining when we were leaving so he gave us coats and gave me a hat to wear and when I tried to return it he told me it was mine....good man. We are hoping he will be baptised by the 27th...(almost my b-day, how cool of a present would that be!!) We have two baptisms this Saturday...I will tell more next week about the investigators and more about El Salvador and the area because right now I don't have very much time! 

We are going to the temple in San Salvador tomorrow! I am excited it will be awesome! I will send pics one of these days too....I lost my camera cord so it is a bit difficult right now but we will get it done. ha I love you all! Have a great week.

Con Amor Hermana Ahrendsen

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