Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey famamily!

So I got transfered like I said. I am in a new area called Trebol. I have a new companion her name is Hermana Guilboth from Panama. Leaving my other area was hard I wont lie....I cried ha ha I'm such a baby...but my I went to visit a family that we baptised a night before i left the area to tell them I was being transferred and one of my converts started crying and then I started was way sad. This is also the family that has the friend living with them (Carlos) that wants to be baptised this month. My comp was is so excited for him to be baptised because he is an ex-pastor from Guatemala. Anyway hes all "well i will only get baptised if you get permission to come to my baptism and I'm planning it for the 24th of this month so when you come you can eat with us and spend Christmas with us"..ha they are such an awesome family! anyway..... My new PDAY is FRIDAY...just fyi :) Our house is pretty sweet its two stories and really quite huge for two people. We have three bathrooms and 5 other rooms we basically don't use anything. The downside to this house is it has next to nothing in it because its new...for example one mirror in the whole house....ha ha but its okay we love it anyways. The area is new too. The church is in a house and we only have about 60 to 70 members who come...but that's just an invitacion to work more!!

Speaking of invitations....The president is inviting us to be more obedient and ONLY write him and our family for email so...I am going to accept this challenge and work harder to be more obedient. Friends can still write me emails but I can only write back by letter...:( but I love hearing from you so dont hesitate to writer me okay?? ha 

So thanksgiving sounded fun! I am glad you got my card! my comp wants to come and study at BYU so maybe you will get to meet her some day. Also Kyle I told her that she could marry you after her mission....actually I think you are promised to quite a few Latinas here but thats okay you'll have lots of options after the mission. ha ha :) Last Christmas they were able to Skype so I think that we will be able to this year so set that baby up. I am not 100 percent sure yet I will let you know. We are having a huge Christmas devotional bash for the mission on the 20th of this month. I got sucked into dancing with some of the Latinas for the talent show....yes I am the only gringa....It might be a little rough but awe well it'll be fun!!

Well family I sure love ya and pray for you always. I am learning so much out here and I am grateful for this opportunity to be more devoted to the gospel and to help others obtain eternal life through my efforts. We are teaching the family Linares...they are awesome. It was weird the first time I visited their house I felt like I knew them before or had been there before. Anyways they have 3 little kids and even though they don't have a lot money or material wise...they are happy and really love each other. Family relationships are everything and I mean I wouldn't trade my family for the world! :) ha curr bout ya!

Well I hope to hear from you all next Friday...! Keep choosing the right and you will be blessed!

Much love,
Hermana Ahrendsen

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