Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey fam...

Whats going on....well I didnt hear from you this week so I figured you were all super busy with the holiday festivites...its okay I only shed a couple tears or so....ha ha just kidding! You guys are ya! So how was thanksgiving with the fam and all..? I hope it went well! Did you get my thanksgiving letter? The pres and his wife scanned our letters to our families for all of us! I hope you got it. 

Well this week went well. We are working with a man named Carlos who is living with some recent converts in our ward. It has been really cool to see his progress. He was very cold and not wanting anything to do with us in the beginning...he used to be a pastor and so he had TONS of things to more or less bash us on...primarily Joseph Smith. But every week he went with his friend to church even though he didn't want to listen to us. This last week we decided to set up a lesson just with him and to be real I want super excited because not only does he have something to say about everything we teach but he makes fun of my spanish on the daily....ha but we prayed really hard and the lesson went really well! And he told us he wants to be baptised! We were shocked really. He does have some pretty major problems he needs to work out with the Pres so the baptismal process might be a little longer but really it is an example that if you take the first few steps (he came to church each week) the Lord can and will change your heart! Because really he is a different man....anyway pretty awesome.

Well I hope you are all having a great week! Keep working hard and read the book of Mormon! Did you hear about the challenge from the profet?....of course you did who am I kidding ha anyway make that a goal for sure because what an amazing oppurtunity! Love you all!

Hermana Ahrendsen

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