Sunday, January 13, 2013


Fam! Howdy! 

So yes I experienced my first earthquake this week. We were sitting in zone mtg and everything started moving up and down..i felt a little sea sick. It went on for like 30 seconds. I guess Mexico and Guatemala got the brunt of it and some people died :( Super sad...send some prayers our way in Central A if you can.....So we are having the baptism of Hermano Jorge this week...we are so excited! He is awesome and so positive! We came over to teach him Tithes and Fast Offerings and he had already read the pamphlet and did the questions in the back...I almost started crying ha ha he is the sweetest man. He greets more people at church than some of the members do and is always holding newborn babys and singing to them. He also frequently has a man with one leg over to his house for dinner...The pres and his whole family are coming to his baptism...he really is super special! 

Things are good here....lots of fireworks everyday for Navidad..kinda weird ha ha and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving but in the mission they do! We're excited for that! How is your book of mormon reading going? I hope all is well..send my regards to Rust and let him know that he is SOOO lucky to have a family in the US that loves him. There are sooo many stray dogs here that wander around for food and drink from the gutter its gross and most of them have like one leg and half an Rust you sure are blessed! 

Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all! Have a good week!

Hermana Ahrendsen

Oh PS we did service on Saturday at the hospital. This is a pic with the nurses...pretty different huh? and this is me doing the ingrown toenail procedure! Yikes! 

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