Sunday, January 13, 2013



Yes it was so good to talk to you all! So you all looked so great! ha Oh and of course you too Rust! When does Winter semester start again? Sorry about the bad roads! You could come vacation in El Salvador where its 90 degrees everyday :) I was talking to a member yesterday and she said in March and April here is when its the I guess we will see!
Well we are teaching a man named Diego and he is awesome. He really wants to change and come to the Lord and knows that he needs to be baptised in the Church of the Lord by someone who holds the Preisthood but he can't stop smoking and drinking coffee. We are working with him but your prayers and ideas of how to help are welcomed.
Well I love you all and hope this your New Years Eve is going well! Drink a DP for me ha ha just kidding....but have a great new year and I will chat with you all soon!

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