Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well hey there fam....sounds like all the parties were bomb this week!
I found out today I am being transfered....I have mixed feelings because I have grown to love my area the people and my companion but new experiences and areas are good too! I had an interview with the Pres today regarding nursing information and he said this next change every Tues I will be coming to the office to start training with the nurse. He said after this change that I start taking part of the mission calls...and then from there start taking more and more of the mission health issues. I don't know if he has a plan to send the other nurse to Belize but from what she said I think that's the plan so we will see. I find out Wednesday my new area and new companion..crazy but good!
Anyway this week went well. We are working in a different pàrt of our area where the people are a lot poorer but they are very loving and willing to recieve us. We are really growing to love them. We placed a baptismal date with a man yesterday who came to church with us named Gergorio. He is awesome.
Anyway Thanks for all the love....I am going to try and send a letter and some pictures in the mail today for christmas but ya just never know with the mail here if you guys will get it or not. ha i hope so!
Love ya!
Hermana Ahrendsen

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