Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey fam!
Sounds like everything is going well! I am so excited for Ash! YAY! When I saw her email I got sooo excited....praying she will join me in Central America!! I told her hopefully she will have it by Christmas so she can open it over Skype! Because we got word that yes we can skype!! :) So set that baby up....I talked with the member who I am going over with and I think around 1 or 2 in the afternoon (my time) I will be calling/skyping....I really hope we have success with the computer..because you never know here in El Salvador....ha so everyone is getting ready for Christmas! People here are too except its a little different...they basically light off bombs (fireworks) in the street constantly.....ha its awesome last night I laid in bed and listened to a firework show out my window...fireworks for Christmas are the thing here.
The weather in my area is crazy! It is pretty hot in the day and FREEZING at night. I am starting to bring a jacket with me because if I don't I shiver to death as we knock doors....and usually I wake up around 3am in morning and am frozen to death. Its weird but I wasn't prepared for it....ha ha It hasnt rained much and I really only used my rain coat in the CCM in Guatemala. Did I tell you my comp is 30 years old? she is awesome...and has a schedule for everything for everything..which I love because I am a little OCD when it comes to schedules. I started training for the nurse this week.....yikes....the nurse right now in the mission does sooo much!! She keeps saying don't worry I will train you but we are always so busy that she hardly has time to explain things..but I got every Tues for about 5 hours to the mission office to train with her.
I found out this week that an investgaotr (Carlos the pastor from my other area) is going to be baptised! He had an interview with the Pres and got old comp called me and was like...WERE GOING TO BAPTISE A PASTOR!! ha she was super excited and so was I. I will be real I was a little surprised he got approved by the pres but also very stoked...our history with him is crazy and goes to show...God works his miracles! We are working with a lady named Roxanna and her hubb Julio. I don't know if I mentioned them in my last letter but they are awesome...we are hoping to bring them to church with us on Sunday and bring them closer to being baptised this next week. She has two little kids- a little boy and girl. They hardly have anything but Roxanna always has something to smile about....blows my mind every time we visit them but what an awesome example she is to me.
So a funny story (my heck this letter is HUGE...sorry fam :/) So I was going through my food and throwing stuff away and I came to my bread and went to throw the bread bag away and then decided to save the little twisty tie thing. In my head I was like awesome I can use this for so many things...and I should probably wash the bread bad and save that too because that will be useful to store things in....then I just went about doingmy thing..then suddenly it registered in my mind....What am I doing????saving twisy ties and bread bags...?? I am living in the Great Depression!!!! I had a good laugh......
Well I will let you all go....thanks for always writing and thinking of and praying for me it is felt down here for sure. I am excited to skype you all....!!
Hermana Lyndee Ahrendsen

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