Sunday, January 13, 2013


Pues si....estoy escribiendo otra vez...jiji El presidente les dijo....pues su p-day van a ser lunes porque el dia antes navidad es bien chafas para trabjar entonces....aqui estoy. ha anywizzays...I dont have much to say since I wrote 3 days ago...but I mean I am excited to be writing again! ha and guess what tomorrow we are all going to chat it up! hollah! I think it might be a tad later than 2ish- we are always late leaving the office on tues. But I will try and run. Anyways how is Christmas Eve going? Are you eating some pudding for me and opening the family game?? how about that waissel? you know I always just pretended to take sips of that each year and then would pour the rest down the drain.......ha ha jk waissel is the bomb. 

Well we had our zone gift exchange today...that was awesome...we had breakfast together and played basketball. Of course I watched and took pics but the elders played. So that was fun and today and tomorrow we have lots of dinner and lunch appointments- yesss! I was starting to get nervous because two days ago we had nothing: no dinner appointments for Christmas or Christmas Eve... so I was thinking of treating my companion to a little chicken wing from the corner store and soda. ha but thankfully the members want to feed us instead :)

Well I don't know if I explained very well our area but its really different from my other one the ward is a lot smaller and really i don't know the people are really different....great people of course but a little tough...ha anyway my comp and I were getting kind of down okay not kinda, really down...because you know you just worry a lot about your area, your investigators, your ward...we felt like no one was responding to what we were saying. So Saturday we started a fast and fasted until Sunday...and by a miracle of the Lord we had 2 investigators come to church with us...we know its not huge but we were sooo grateful. The Lord was really merciful and even though it was a small was very necessary. I was reading in Alma 37 where is talks about how ¨by small things are great things brought to pass¨"....that is so true...I know little by little we will be able to see miracles if we are consistent in the work and work diligently. 

Yesterday I did our little tradition that we started last I will explain a little...I decided to buy clothes for the kids of this family we are teaching. The little girl is 5 and is named Vernoica and the little boy is 4 and is named Andres. They are so cute but are very poor. Every time we go over they are in the same clothes and are dirty from head to toe but they are the cutest little things and we really love them. Anyway I bought them some new clothes and some candy for Christmas and last night my companion and I took over the presents. I said they were from Santa and they were sooooo excited! ( you can see in the pictures) but it wasn't only the kids.... the parents also lightened right up and kept saying gracias gracias.. muchas gracias...It really was amazing and so special. 

Alright so this is a little embarrasing but kinda yesterday my comp and I were walking to the bus station and I was looking down in my backpack for some money right when I went to look up I literally head planted my face into a street was comp turned around to see me crouching and she thought I was ducking because I heard a gun shot (when she heard my head hit the sign it was loud enough for her to think it was a gun shot....) I instantly had a giant goose egg on my forehead....I told my companion after- well at least we will have a good starting point to contact people tonight!...ha ha pretty awesome.

Anyway....I'm out but....I will chizzat with you all manana! Les quiero mucho!

Con Amor, Hermana Ahrendsen 

This is a pic of me and my old comp in our other area...  and the other is of me and my comp that I have right now at our mission Christmas party! Feliz Navidad!

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