Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey fam...

I dont have a ton of time this week sorry this is going to be short but thanks so much for all the emails! You guys are awesome! We had our Christmas Devo with the mission yesterday- it was sweet. We ate tons and had a talent show and I was in the mission choir for the spiritual part and the pres and his wife spoke. We got mission shirts and played was a ton of fun. Also I should give my thanks for the pictures that showed up in the mission slide show of me....pippy longstocking really??? ha ha I was dying...i was like, no they didnt...I wanted to say..."you sneaky mom"!! Missionaries made comments about it for the rest of the day. ha but yesterday was basically our Christmas because Christmas we work as normal except for when we call our fams. 

Well we contacted into a fam this week that was super positive and invited us to eat dinner with them that night! ha and after dinner they invited us over for Christmas dinner! It was awesome- I was like...dang our members don't even invite us over for Christmas. Anyway they are super duper Catholic but the husband had lots of questions about the mission work which was good so we are gonna keep working with them.

Hope all is well and you are all ready for Christmas! It doesnt even feel like Christmas here because it is 100 degrees everyday...I miss the snow a little. But love ya and cant wait to skype with ya in 4 days! yay!! Have a great day! Oh and thanks for all your prayers :)

Hermana Lynd Ahrendsen

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